We are an organisation who delivers services to companies and individuals who struggle with finding a balance between change and capitalism, and would like to make positive social impact.

What separates us from agencies and consulting companies is that we actually walk the talk; have started social enterprises, and lead teams in stock listed or former government owned companies.

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EVOLVED is a set of online programs for ChangeMakers who want to understand the 4 internal mindsets (anticipation, engagement, resilience & certainty) of how to create positive impact and also the 6 external factors which influence their activities (geo-politics, inclusive growth, money, technology, designed change, & measures of influence.)

EVOLVED Online Program

External drivers impacting ChangeMaking:

18 classes over 6 months. Video with live-private workbook to go through the issues of Geo-Politics, Inclusive Growth, Money Matters, Technology Tipping Points, Designing Change and Measures of Influence.

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EVOLVED Basic Training

ChangeMaking mindset.

16 classes over 4 months, videos with Lyss and reflections from Axel and Jenny as they explore the Anticipation, Engagement, Resilience and Certainty of mindset in positive impact work. Downloadable workbooks.

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We use resources from the World Economic Forum Global Index and the Global Entrepreneurship monitor to base our research and then apply, with street smart sense, what we learned ourselves from building our own businesses, social enterprises and working in large organisations.

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Start Up Like an Ecuadorian, Develop Ambition Like a Taiwanese, Innovate Like a Dane.

"Alyssa is amazing and passionate, full of energy, driving the change."

Philipp Schinderra
Deutsche Telekom

"Lyss is not only an inspiring entrepreneur, but also a wonderful person who is on a mission to make the world even better."

Nico Lumma
Next Media Accelerator

"She shares in an authentic way fresh points of view and exudes energy."

C. Christian R├Ątsch
Saatchi & Saatchi