Eco-Investment Support

When a green and ethical company needs business support. We call this eco-investment support.

Through assessing a company and giving them a business robustness score, we identify where key weaknesses are to be filled. Typically, we have investors, funding programs, awards or even entrepreneurs themselves asking for this.

We do this by conducting our 8 point check to identify where a company might need support to secure their future success. After this check, we start a coaching and key process project, and then connect and activate our network to help them over the hurdle.  


There are two scenarios where we are asked for eco-investment support. Either a stakeholder, like an investor, a funding program, or prize / award has asked us to help an entrepreneur bring more business robustness to their company. Or, a founder or board has asked us to come and help.

Specifically, both groups are seeking the insights and network to the sustainable business market to enable a strong business plan, competitor engagement, supply chain connection and uniqueness in the market.

Many companies are looking to grow sustainably in the market these days, and are either pushed by their customers, employees or own values to lighten their environmental footprint.

While it might be daunting for some company owners to think about where to start, we have a simple system to audit 4 key areas of a business, and identify the easiest and best places to make some shifts in process to either make products and services more green, or even, a the company functional performance. 

How to book us for Eco-Investment Support

Contact us here and let us know what you are thinking of. And from this, we see with Lyss who from the network is the best team to consult and support you in this process.

Why seek eco-investment support?

Usually we get asked to come and support with business skills when an engineer, scientist, academic or passionate visionary has come up with a great idea for a business, however might lack the actual business acumen to build a complete company and see it to market.

You might be a funding program who has social innovation, or environmental goals and find great ideas in the market and need the support to see the ideas turn into a sustainable company. You might be a sustainability or green award who supports people to create business from innovations which bring about a greener economy.

Part of your funding or prize, can include our support.

Alternatively, if you are creating a start up, and need to know how to set up the basics of a business, we are here to help. Typically, we find that you are experienced in the market of creating something- either an engineer, or scientist, or social innovator who has created a great idea. We give you insights on the 8 basics to ensure that you have turned your great idea into something that the market will value and buy.

Our audit covers :

  • Business and financial planning
  • Leadership and team management
  • Supply chain engagement
  • Market, competitor and colleague analysis
  • Regulatory support
  • Uniqueness and innovation promotion 

Due to our experience, we do not just explain what has to be done, we have all the network of people who are experts in these various areas so if you need extra insights, we just connect you in. These are people proven by their environmental and business expertise.

This business support is specifically and only for social or environmentally oriented companies, as the analysis expects and demands an orientation of sustainable business practices from production through to delivery. Sometimes, in our business robustness analysis, we find needs for green turnaround (LINK) because an innovation can be created in one specific topic, but then the whole business paradigm around needs to match it’s core vision. For example, to create a unique green widget still means the company in total can continue the green orientation from team to supplier management.

How you do this and how long does it take?

Typically, people start by booking us for a 1 day workshop where we do a quick analysis of the key 8 elements. From here, we identify where the core 2-3 weaknesses are and create a plan of how to strengthen them.

Often, we are asked to be part of this strengthening process, as we are connected with many enablers in the green economy who have access to, or influence solutions. This occurs with a regular coaching / activation process over 6-18 months. We see that companies are over their development hump within 18 months.

Why us? Because we know it.

We have our own companies in farming organic product, requiring export, import, production, manufacture, shipping and packaging and have learned the hard way how to source expertise and solutions to make a lighter footprint.

We also have experienced struggle and business failure and success in our process. We know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. 

Because we are at the apex.

Additionally, we are closely connected to the 2500 pioneering companies in Europe who are at the leading edge of sustainable business via our connection to Ecoprenuer, the European Association of Sustainable Business, and Unternehmensgruen, the German Federation of Green Economy.

Our founder, Lyss, is voted to the board of these two organisations and thus sees the latest innovations and methods in green business on a daily basis. Additionally, we keep you informed of the regulatory environment so you are prepared for laws which are altering requirements on footprints.

The European Union is leading the shift with a pledge to reduce C02 emissions by 40% in all sectors of the economy by 2030 and the pioneering companies making this shift possible are the ones to be working with, watching and modeling.

"Lyss is one of those women who, with her cheerful and humorous way, can bring you under a spell with her story and courage."

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Director, Executive Agency of SMEs, European Commission

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Board Member, ENERGEX Australia

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Cem Özdemir
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"Sie demonstriert: mit leidenschaft kann man alles verändern."

WIRED magazine


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