Sustainable Finance

When an investor or fund is looking to contribute to the low-carbon economy. We call this sustainable finance.

Through helping investors identify their sustainable finance goals. We do this by conducting our 3-step analysis of goals and target investments and check them. 

We also work with investors to help them set goals which are beyond annual finance reports with broader KPIs which involve environmental and social good and convert stranded assets. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we help investors identity which goals they personally and communally have and help them align them to companies who deliver in that perspective.


During the Paris 2015 commitment to reduce C02 emissions by 40% by 2030, it was already identified that there will need to be significant investment in green turnaround. In Europe alone, it is estimated than an additional 180 billion euro in private investment is expected to be injected to the market to make this possible, and much of this is going into production, energy transmission and mobility.

Green finance can enable the transition and we are contributing with both metrics to help investors define ͚green-ness͛ in their portfolio, and contribute to engagements on tax, benchmarks and investment over agriculture, bio-economy, energy efficiency, and social economy. 

The financial system and how money flows is integral to the shift to the green economy.  Thus, funding ideas based on renewable resources and social inclusion is core.

This is relevant for all types of investors from family offices, investment banks, credit ratings, pension funds, asset management, insurance and banking.

Also extending to public funding and awards and industry associations. In this context, investing for value-creation has a new set of meanings whereby consumers are even asking for social and environmental objectives in growth development.  

Our process is quite simple, and easily fits in with strategic modelling of investors in 3 ways.

  • Conduct our green turnaround on the company
  • Advise how green it is according to investor goals
  • Connect and upskill green gaps

Alternatively, we help investors come up with their sustainable finance goals, or some choose broadly according to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals

Examples of investor goals that we typically work with:

  • People services – health, education, IT
  • Infrastructure – water, energy, equitable housing
  • Agriculture and food
  • Pollution and prevention control
  • Waste minimisation
  • Strong habitats and biodiversity
  • Reduced emissions

Recent Customer Project

We aligned a philanthropist͛s giving fund towards the sustainable development goals. By identifying personal issues the philanthropist was interested in, we helped them analyse the different environmental and social goals in the market and chose 3 of the 17 UN SDGs as their guiding purpose for giving. Due to the profile of the philanthropist, we are unable to name them here.

Why us?

We are often asked to contribute to public and private consultations about green finance, as it pertains to investment in companies. This is because we are closely connected to the 2500 pioneering companies in Europe who are at the leading edge of sustainable business via our connection to Ecoprenuer, the European Association of Sustainable Business, and Unternehmensgruen, the German Federation of Green Economy.

Our founder, Lyss, is voted to the board of these two organisations and thus sees the latest innovations and methods in green business on a daily basis. Additionally, we keep you informed of the regulatory environment as it pertains to the circular economy.

"Lyss is one of those women who, with her cheerful and humorous way, can bring you under a spell with her story and courage."

Brigitte Magazine

"Lyss helps us support green companies."

Angelo Salsi
Director, Executive Agency of SMEs, European Commission

"She is one of those rare human beings that easily moves through peoples lives enriching them through social enterprise work within communities or inspiring corporates & individuals to take action."

Dayle Grant
Board Member, ENERGEX Australia

"Alyssa Jade is a bundle of emotions and ideas. Her presence is inspiration and pure zest. She shares in an authentic way fresh points of view and exudes energy."

C.Christian Rätsch
CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Germany

"Alyssa Jade’s approach to business is what we need more of in this country."

Cem Özdemir
Chairman of The Greens, German political party

"Lyss is extraordinary. She is a whirlwind, a true entrepreneur, a continuous source for inspiration, a trusted advisor, and a true treasure."

Dr Percy Smend
Managing Partner Scholtz & Friends Strategy Group

"Sie demonstriert: mit leidenschaft kann man alles verändern."

WIRED magazine


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