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We are an organisation who delivers services to entrepreneurs who want to develop more circularity or sustainability in their product or company, or for investors or funding organisations who want to build more entrepreneurialism into their investments.

We are an organising bringing green goals and commercial activity together. Over 20 years, we have created and delivered projects in stock-listed companies as well as made social enterprise start-ups, and experienced first-hand:


#HowTo do green turnaround in a linear company, and make products, services and company functioning part of the transition to a low carbon economy

#HowTo support eco-investments with robust business practices so it achieves environmental, social and financial goals

#HowTo create a sustainable finance portfolio of investing and developing to custom-build KPIs for economic prosperity which is more socially inclusive and less dependent on the exploitation of finite resources and the natural environment.

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We are an organisation who delivers services to entrepreneurs who want to develop more circularity or sustainability in their product or company, or for investors or funding organisations who want to build more entrepreneurialism into their investments.



A green entrepreneur, or circular business is different to a linear / single-use resource company. We make decisions not just based on current profit and loss, but in a longer-term resource efficiency and social development perspective. We are interested to make great business, produce great numbers and not cost the earth, or people to do it.

We have a set of balanced interests, and standard key performance indicators of the basic economic market only partially cover what we consider is a service level agreement with society and the planet. We are guardians of the present to develop a future for next generations where growth is not a Have vs Have Nots outcome, and find multiple areas for business development within seemingly useless resources. Waste and redundancy, the perception of resources and the variety of skills in a team are all opportunity which can be nurtured and evolved into independent capacity builders.


What separates us from agencies and consulting companies is that we actually walk the talk; have started social enterprises, and lead teams in stock listed or former government owned companies. We know what it's like to bring new projects to the forefront in a multinational, dimensional and ever-changing world.

The company was started by Alyssa Jade McDonald - Baertl who founded BLYSS and the CACAO.academy, social enterprise in organic cacao farming and developing community education.

After a career in the corporate world, she was then asked by colleagues to teach them how to implement that way of business into their own organisations. She works together with experts from industry sectors, as well as subject matter experts to from a spitfire team to target ChangeMaking goals.


Alyssa Jade is the board member for Unternehmensgrün, the German Federal Association of Green Business and the Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, a joint initiative by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee, representing the interests of small and medium business.

The partners we work with at ChangeMaker.land are a combination of material science experts, environmental scientists, economists, investors, public institutions, universities and business associations – the eco-system which enables sustainable business to thrive. People typically work with us in a workshop format, or engage us for 1-2 year projects of development.

During scoping of a project, we identify who from the team is best suited to deliver the right expertise. You can contact us here to enquire about availability. 

Lyss is member of the board of:


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"Lyss is one of those women who, with her cheerful and humorous way, can bring you under a spell with her story and courage."

Brigitte Magazine

"She is one of those rare human beings that easily moves through peoples lives enriching them through social enterprise work within communities or inspiring corporates & individuals to take action."

Dayle Grant
Board Member, ENERGEX Australia

"Alyssa Jade is a bundle of emotions and ideas. Her presence is inspiration and pure zest. She shares in an authentic way fresh points of view and exudes energy."

C.Christian Rätsch
CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Germany

"Alyssa Jade’s approach to business is what we need more of in this country."

Cem Özdemir
Chairman of The Greens, German political party

"Lyss is extraordinary. She is a whirlwind, a true entrepreneur, a continuous source for inspiration, a trusted advisor, and a true treasure."

Dr Percy Smend
Managing Partner Scholtz & Friends Strategy Group

"Sie demonstriert: mit leidenschaft kann man alles verändern."

WIRED magazine

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