Sustainable Finance

Apr 04, 2017

They can finally keep pace with ChangeMakers with Developments in Green Financial Management, Thanks to FGN Green Economy Research.

An increasing number of ChangeMakers, associations, NGOs, thinkthanks and initiatives are interested in the development of a green financial economy that will drive future growth. Globally, debates, in and out of parliaments, are ongoing, legislative initiatives are springing up, research efforts has intensified, and voluntary standards are being designed. In fact, the push towards a sustainable financial economy is happening at a pace that is difficult to keep up with, even for the ChangeMakers and those interested in change – until now.

FNG Steps Up to the Challenge

The FNG, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, researched and published the current state of the green financial economy. The publication is titled “Green Economy - Investigation of the Present State of Sustainable Financial Economics." Although the study focuses on Germany, its reach and implications are global because the FNG analysed all key field actors, regulations, researches, promotions and political discourses. In total, the FNG investigated the works of almost 180 scientists, over 400 civil society groups, and 190 non-university research institutes.

In addition, the FNG studied 129 sustainability seals, certifications and standards that are relevant to the capital market. The study details the current state of green financial economy regulations in Germany and the EU and presents other best practice case studies. The FNG was also able to identify key policy needs and research questions yet to be answered by interviewing experts and conducting industry surveys.

More than Just a Comprehensive Resource

According to Volker Weber, the FNG chairman of Boards, Green Economy Research publication will serve not just as a comprehensive reference book but will also show political design requirements, research gaps, trends, and the various actionable options available with which to achieve the green economy objectives.

Volker, however, made it clear that “this is a momentary view which needs to be continually updated in the face of the rapid development in the area of sustainability and the financial market.” He said that they would carry on the project in the interest of market participants, including ChangeMakers and civil societies.

The aim of the research is to aid in implementing the green economy drive of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Construction, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. The green economy drive was initiated by the BMUB and BMBF, the experts responsible for sustainable management within the high-tech forum of the Federal Government.

The Thementeam Nachhaltige Finanzwirtschaft, led by Prof. Bernd Wagner and a part of the Sustainability Forum, stimulated the FGN present state analysis of the green economy. Also, this research prompted the paper titled “Sustainable Financial Management: Recommendations for a Sustainable Financial Economy.”

The Sustainability Investment Forum (FNG in German letters) is an association for sustainable investment in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland and it represents over 170 members who are committed to sustainability in the management of the financial economy. The association includes banks, rating agencies, investment companies, science institutions, financial advisors, and private individuals.

Why the FNG is Important

The FNG promotes discussion and information exchange between science, industry and politics. Since 2001, it has also been at the vanguard of promoting improved legal and political framework conditions for green investments. The FNG ensures the transparent use of sustainable public funds, releases the FNG sustainability profiles and has developed the FGN seal for sustainable public funds. The FNG is one of the founding members of the European umbrella organisation Eurosif. Visit or the twitter account @FNG_eV.3 for more information.

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