EVOLVED ChangeMaker Basic Training

The online program for founders, intrapreneurs, investors and regulators interested in positive impact projects. The 4 insights of the ChangeMaking mindset – anticipation, engagement, resilience and certainty
with Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl

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What is EVOLVED?

You are here because you are either someone who is starting a social enterprise, work in a government department responsible for social or eco good, are an investor who has a circular economy focus, or someone working in a large company, and you want to use your position to evolve something better than just capitalism.
The first two big emotions you have faced, or will face, are Anticipation and Engagement, and then Resilience and Certainty. We are going to talk about what happens in your head and heart when you decide to be a ChangeMaker and start a crusade for the positive impact you have in mind, which you know will contribute a lighter step into the world.
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What Does the Free Course Include?

Greencheck  You have 16 core lessons to EVOLVE your mindset ready for ChangeMaking and how to get started on          your project that will change the world.

Greencheck  You can binge and do all 16 lessons in on weekend with a bottle of wine if you are really keen, or you                can take your time and set aside an hour every week and do this very slowly over the whole 4 months.

Greencheck  Each lesson, will be short impulses, a short video from me, and then a workbook to fill in as you reflect             on the topic and see how it relates to you. In total, it is about 45 mins of your time in each lesson.

Greencheck   Our topics, are anticipation and sacrifice, then resilience and certainty the four key mindset elements              ChangeMakers need to get their head around as they embark on a great journey.

I know how you feel

I have a lot of experience here.

I have founded three social enterprises, and am on the board of the German Federal Association of Green Economy and the European Sustainable Business Federation.

You are not alone

We have versions of experiencing the same thing.

I will draw these lessons out for you based on both experience of me, my friends, and the many businesses I have worked with. Additionally, after ever lesson, I discuss the concept with Axel and Jenny.

Let's talk about it

You might resonate with our experiences too.

Axel has had over 20 years experience in building his company and working in political change, and Jenny is just in her first year of starting her change project. From different ages, and perspectives, you will hear these 16 mindsets being discussed and through that, for yourself, find out what it means for you.

EVOLVED ChangeMaker Basic Training

Program 1 - Anticipation

Greencheck  Lesson 1 - Who is next to you?
Greencheck  Lesson 2 - Is this REALLY a good idea?
Greencheck  Lesson 3 - What are you willing to give up?
Greencheck  Lesson 4 - How to reduce the emotional rollercoaster?

Program 2 - Engagement

Greencheck  Lesson 1 –Can you cut out the unnecessary?
Greencheck  Lesson 2 – Who else is around you that is a friend, ally and supporter?
Greencheck  Lesson 3 – Who is nice to listen to, and who is necessary to listen to?
Greencheck  Lesson 4 – Who is inspiring within your competition?

Program 3 - Resilience

Greencheck  Lesson 1 – Are you prepared to challenge your own beliefs?
Greencheck  Lesson 2 – Are you trusting your intuition?
Greencheck  Lesson 3 – Is it ok not to know the answer?
Greencheck  Are you clear about where home base is?

Program 4 - Certainty

Greencheck  Lesson 1 - Are you ready to be resilient?
Greencheck  Lesson 2 - Do you think it is time to just give up?
Greencheck  Lesson 3 - Is it really sustainable?
Greencheck  Lesson 4 - Is it time to celebrate now?

Register yourself for free to EVOLVED Basic Training and we will also send you a little information about our 6 month follow up course, called EVOLVED Online Program which is occurs every February and September. It is a video, audio and online workbook program so we have limited spaces, which is why registration early is important.

EVOLVED Basic Training is for founders, intraprenuers, green investors and regulators looking to bring a positive difference to the world with their project.

Our free EVOLVED Basic Training is the 16 key insights that happens in our mindset when we decide to bring positive impact through our projects. When you register here, you will immediately receive the log in and password for your private training so you can begin immediately. You can take 4 months to do the EVOLVED Basic Training, or watch and complete the work all in a long weekend. With signing up, we will also put you on our newsletter and let you know when the next opening is for EVOLVED Online Program, our 6 month course on the external factors which influence ChangeMaking (geo-politics, inclusive growth, money, technology, designed change and measures of influence). This course opens every February and September and you can register anytime you like for that.

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