When a company wants to develop more sustainable products or services, or become more green itself, we call this, a Green Turnaround.

Many companies are looking to grow sustainably in the market these days, and are either pushed by their customers, employees or own values to lighten their environmental footprint. While it might be daunting for some company owners to think about where to start, we have a simple system to audit 5 key areas of a business, and identify the easiest and best places to make some shifts in process to either make products and services more green, or even, the company functional performance. 


Through 5 key areas, we help company owners and their teams decide where the best places are for them to develop and implement more environmentally friendly practices. These are:

  • Production
  • Ethics
  • Logistics
  • Usability
  • Post-use

Many companies are looking to grow sustainably in the market these days, and are either pushed by their customers, employees or own values to lighten their environmental footprint.

While it might be daunting for some company owners to think about where to start, we have a simple system to audit 4 key areas of a business, and identify the easiest and best places to make some shifts in process to either make products and services more green, or even, the company functional performance. 

Why do a green turnaround?

There are three reasons why companies come to us and ask for help.

1. They are asked to become more green.

Either they are:

  • customer
  • shareholder
  • employee

Are asking for a more sustainable solutions. They might already be a market leader, or on their way, and are encouraged by internal or external stakeholders to find out how to make their own footprint lighter.

2. Competitive Edge

A leader might decide that to make a unique space in their market, that they want to gain a competitive edge by being not only great in quality and financial performance, but also be sustainable for social and environmental goals.

3. The Regulatory Environment

As laws change towards more circular models regarding tax shifts on materials, cost of end producer responsibility for products, virgin material limitations etc, companies are realizing they need to change either sourcing, manufacture, delivery or post-use elements of their products and services.

How you do this?

We meet with the management team of a company or product line to understand the financial, technical and market requirements of a solution and conduct our 5 point audit: production, ethics, logistics, usability and post-use.

We discuss the findings of this together with the HR and communications colleagues of a company to co-define where and how it sits in the company’s positioning and structure. 

How long does it take?

We can do this in a day workshop, and create a functional roadmap to define quick wins where easy environmental steps can be made, as well as longer term investment-related suggestions.

Typically from there, we work with companies for a 6 or 24 month basis to help them through this change by introducing them to the right experts who can help with specific services or solutions, help them access financing for turnaround, adjust the planning as the market, employees and other stakeholders respond.

We understand that change takes time, & offer a service which both looks at the whole company function and footprint, as well as just a service line. In our experience we find doing a general audit of the company, to identify where the largest environmental gains can be made, is a good way to start. We then create a roadmap where as natural investments in process and production are to be made, to have them becoming more green over time. 

Package Options

We have different options for various needs and budgets. In order to find out the best way to work together, we offer the opportunity for a complimentary strategy call with Lyss directly. Together, she will discuss your green-gaps and your potential for #GreenTurnaround.

First Workshop

1 day


Delivering the following:

Discovery session of the quick wins that could provide the fastest and easiest sustainable improvements to your company.

Request a call-back for a strategy call

Kick Start

6 months

Delivering the following:

1          Strategy

2          Benchmarking

3          Selected network expert workshops

4          Operational planning

Request a call-back for a strategy call

Full Program

24 months

Delivering the following:

1          Strategy

2          Benchmarking (regulation, market, trend, material science, supply)

3          Selected network expert workshops

4          Operational planning

5          Motivation & do-ability

6          Monitoring KPIs

7          Peer sustainable-company networking

8          Market access to green economy

9          Awards & #ChangeMaking

10    PR and celebration

Request a call-back for a strategy call

Our Delivery Method

1          Strategy – We formulate a strategy for your company based on what you do best, and where you want to grow according to the 5 foundations of the #GreenTurnaround method. This is co-created with your team and founded in terms and processes that your company runs.


2          Benchmarking – We are constantly monitoring environmental, social and business regulation to identify opportunities and challenges for companies and their current operations to advise what changes need to be made in what time. To ensure you take grounded steps, we map this to the market trend and supply so you have the latest material science as well as functional delivery to choose which options are best for you.


3          Selected network expert workshops – Our network of experts who join Lyss on workshops with a focus of the most commonly required insights to make an informed #GreenTurnaround. They are celebrated in their field and give the right deep-dive insights on details with the latest knowledge. These are the following topics: material science, circular product/industrial design, sustainable branding / design, human transformation (customers / suppliers), green communications/ PR, willpower and challenge management, hospitality and gastronomy, green jobs / employer of choice.


4          Operational planning – Revisiting your products and services as environmental footprint can sometimes be abstract so we help break down the strategy to key performance indicators and map it to the your change management or in-house project toolset such as (AGILE, Scrum, Prince 2, ISO, Waterfall etc)


5          Motivation & do-ability – Making change in your business can be a positive or a negative experience and we want you fall in love with growing sustainability in your company way. Lyss and the team is famous for her positive and flowing approach to finding pragmatic solutions and keeping motivation up for those who sometimes feel confused or challenged by the constantly shifting sands of a green business.


6          Monitoring KPIs – Supporting your project management of deliverables and decisions, along with aligning them to what can be communicated internally and externally is what we offer here. Ensuring that you have the best answer at hand when asked at a conference about ‘what ARE you doing for sustainability’ in your company and feeling confident about the decisions made and where they are is an essentially aspect of a successful turnaround.


7          Peer sustainable-company networking – Meeting like company owners in your field, or even a totally unrelated field can be a big help towards getting a feeling for what sustainability can do to grow the prospects of your company. We connect you to like-minds who have either made the change you are looking at, or have similar challenges so you can talk through eye-level with someone is a very helpful insight to the potential of what happens during a #GreenTurnaround.


8          Market access to green economy – Once you evolve your company along the #GreenTurnaround method you will have access to new customers that perhaps you were unable to sell to before – the green community! Due to governmental legislation for municipalities in the EU, green public procurement becomes a new potential segment for you. Additionally, stock market listing requirements and ratings agencies auditing of triple bottom line also become a new interesting angle to offer your products and services to large multinationals. Additionally, the large shift of midcaps and SMEs which are part of the green business community because of their values become a new target for what you are evolving in your product line. We help you know what the green economy wants and what their buying priorities are.


9          Awards & #ChangeMaking – Being proud and celebrating the small steps along #GreenTurnaround is important to do for both employee morale as well as signaling to your stakeholders your actions and achievements to a sustainable future. Being the change we wish to see in business is about making the quiet shifts in design and delivery as well as showcasing to the market what is possible to do. Being an example company for both green politics to celebrate as well as enter awards demonstrating how sustainable choices are leaders is key.


10         PR and celebration – Avoiding greenwashing and celebrating #GreenTurnaround, the line is fine for those in the green economy as well as those yet to make the transition. Communicating changes and opportunities to those informed about environmental politics and science as well as those deep in your own industry is key to a successful project!



Frequently Asked Questions

Why us? Because we know it.

We have our own companies in farming organic product, requiring export, import, production, manufacture, shipping and packaging and have learned the hard way how to source expertise and solutions to make a lighter footprint.

Because we are at the apex. Additionally, we are closely connected to the 2500 pioneering companies in Europe who are at the leading edge of sustainable business via our connection to business associations, our founder Lyss is board member of the German faction, and also another 4000 companies who have received over 1 million euros in investment to bring green innovations to market (via our Eco-Investment Support services)


Additionally, we keep you informed of the regulatory environment so you are prepared for laws which are altering requirements on footprints. The European Union is leading the shift with a pledge to reduce C02 emissions by 40% in all sectors of the economy by 2030 and the pioneering companies making this shift possible are the ones to be working with, watching and modeling.

What about certifications and industry standards?


Although we align standards to certification organisations like Organic, Fair Trade, Cradle to Cradle, Forest Stewards, LEAF etc, we do not take certifications as a basis for green turnaround. Our approach is to build authentic sustainable practices from within a company, and should that require certifications along the way, then it happens. It is not our definition of green though.

Industry orientation

Sustainable business is industry-independent in that processes which build, create, distribute and share products and services have very similar roots. From manufacture to mobility, communications to farming, the functional elements of production, ethics, logistics, usability and post-use are the same when it comes to environmental review.

In some projects, we add-in industry experts who have completed material science reviews and are best to advise regarding virgin and secondary raw materials, we work with engineers and energy experts regarding buildings and also mobility and logistics consultants who have the latest on shared services, urban planning and deliveries.


How to book a #GreenTurnaround?

Contact us here and let us know what you are thinking of. And from this, we see with Lyss who from the ChangeMaker.land network is the best team to consult and support you in this process.



Background on why turnaround is needed

During the Paris agreement in 2015, 170 economies of the world agreed to move towards a low-carbon society, and this is a sign to the commercial sector where business can be a positive contribution to quality of life for future generations.

This sends a powerful signal that orientation in regulation and consumerism will be focused on the green economy.


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