We are an organisation who delivers services to companies and individuals who struggle with finding a balance between change and capitalism, and would like to make positive social impact.  What separates us from agencies and consulting companies is that we actually walk the talk; have started social enterprises, and lead teams in stock listed or former government owned companies. We know what it's like to bring new projects to the forefront in a multinational, dimensional and ever-changing world. We use resources from the World Economic Forum Global Index and the Global Entrepreneurship monitor to base our research and then apply, with street smart sense,  what we learned ourselves from building our own businesses, social enterprises and working in large organisations. 

The company was started by Alyssa Jade McDonald - Baertl who founded two humble chocolate social enterprises: BLYSS and the CACAOacademy. After a career in the corporate world, she was then asked by colleagues to teach them how to implement that way of business into their own organisations. She works together with experts from industry sectors, as well as subject matter experts to from a spitfire team to target ChangeMaking goals. Alyssa Jade is the board member for Unternehmensgrün, the German Federal Association of Green Business and Ecopreneur, the European Sustainable Business Federation. 

The people she brings into projects come from a wide range of countries, business branches and expertise. These can sometimes join on an advisory or support perspective, or be completely hands on. We also teach individuals and speak at university locations like the London School of Economics, Kellogg MBA and St Gallen University. Customers come from all corners of the globe and working relationships range from full invested JVs to simple inspiration.

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