The online program for founders, intrapreneurs, investors and regulators interested in positive impact projects. The 6 external factors which influence positive social impact work for ChangeMakers to be understand for best impact- with Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl

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Find out how the macro forces around us can help us make (or break) positive impact work.

You are here because you are either someone who is starting a social enterprise, work in a government department responsible for social or eco good, are an investor who has a circular economy focus, or someone working in a large company, and you want to use your position to evolve something better than just capitalism.

Working in an internationally connected world, Geopolitics and Inclusive Growth are key elements you are watching to make sure you can grow and evolve, as well as bring people and earth along with you. You are often then looking at the Money market, and Technology for ways to enable and watch shifts occur, while Designing Change and looking at Measures of Influence to bring home the designed outcomes.

During this class, Lyss talks about what big shape shifters from the money market and technology, international trade agreements and sanctions have on your project. Whether you are a green investor, a regulator in environment, a founder of a social enterprise or intrapreneur of in a company looking after ethical projects, these all affect your work.

"Every lesson in this class, is something I have learned as starting 3 social enterprises, having worked in multinational organisations, having advised government detparmtns and being on the board of the German Federal Association of Green Economy and the European Sustainable Business Federation. I draw these lessons out for you based on both experience of me, my friends, and the many businesses I have worked with. Although they sound like big concepts, they become very real in practice and something not to be overlooked. ‘’
Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl

Our time will be spent as you like it. 

You have 6 months to EVOLVE your understanding of the external environment as you widen your ChangeMaking. 

Every month, you will have 3 core lessons – a Masterclass, a Backstage and an Insight which are a combination of videos from Lyss and audio lectures to listen to. You then have a Workbook to note your ideas and so some homework to reflect on how the lessons relate to your own project. In total, it is about 45 mins of your time in each lesson. 

You can choose how you spend your time, for example you can do all 3 core lessons in one weekend in a month. Or you can space them out over 3 evenings during a month. Depends on your timing and flexibility. We realise you are very busy, so wanted to ensure that there was not 4 classes, in case you wanted to do one a week, then at least you had a week off in a month.

EVOLVED ChangeMaking – Online Program
Course Outline

Month 1 - Geo Politics

  • Masterclass 
  • WorkBook Geo Politics 
  • WorkBook Geo Politics - Sanctions 
  • Backstage 
  • #Insights 
  • WorkBook Geo Politics – Illicit Trade 

Month 2 - Inclusive Growth

  • Masterclass 
  • WorkBook Inclusive Growth – People and Process 
  • WorkBook Inclusive Growth – Regional and Cultural Similarities 
  • Backstage 
  • #Insights 

Month 3 - Money Matters

  • Masterclass
  • Backstage
  • WorkBook Money Matters – Money flow in your field 
  • #Insights 
  • WorkBook Money Matters – Some questions to think about

Month 4 - Technology Tipping Points

  • Masterclass
  • Backstage 
  • WorkBook Technology Tipping Points – Energy, cacao and ... yours 
  • #Insights 
  • WorkBook Technology Tipping Points – What social impacts in technology are related to your project

Month 5 - Designing Change

  • Masterclass 
  • WorkBook Technology Designing Change – The WHYs 
  • Backstage 
  • WorkBook Technology Designing Change – Models you could use 
  • #Insights 

Month 6 - Measures of influence

  • Masterclass 
  • Backstage 
  • WorkBook Technology Measures of Influence – How you measure up 
  • #Insights

Register yourself for free to EVOLVED Online Program and we will also send make sure you have our free EVOLVED Basic Training in advance, which goes through the mindset elements for a ChangeMaker to have in mind when working on a positive impact project. It is a video, audio and online workbook program, open at anytime. So if you have a waiting period between now and February and September when the 6 month EVOLVED Online Program goes live, you can do this in the meantime. It runs for 4 months (or you can binge watch it over a week!). 
Right here, our EVOLVED Online Program is the 6 key external factors which affect our ability to see the positive impact in the projects are working on. When you register here, you will immediately receive the log in and password for your private training so you can begin immediately. You can take 6 months to do the EVOLVED Online Program. The lessons will open one a month during this time. This is because in our experience, the topics are vast and require some reflection month to month.  Literally, reading the news will have a different light for ChangeMakers during this course as they will read trade agreements, sanctions, leadership and financing with a new light and look for the threads back to their own work. Every month, you will receive an email reminding you the class is open for the month and what lies ahead. We wanted this to be a reflective class, which is bite pieces taken once a month. During this time you can decide to do the whole monthly work in a weekend, or piece it out one evening a week for 3 weeks. Depends on your schedule, and also, the reflection you want to make on the topics.  
With signing up, we will also put you on our newsletter and let you know when the next events and programs are available, or if you just want to keep up with us.  
For now sign up here for, EVOLVED Online Program, our 6 month course on the external factors which influence ChangeMaking (geo-politics, inclusive growth, money, technology, designed change and measures of influence). You can register for this course anytime, however it will openly open every February and September so we have all the resources and back office team ready to answer your mails, support your questions and be with you along the way.

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Once you have paid, you will get all the details, and please remember, this class is only open every February and September in a year. So depending what month you are in now, you might need to wait some time until it opens. We will email you all your confirmation of payment, also when the course is about to start, we will send you a reminder. For now, you might want to make a calendar entry so you remember it is coming! 
Thank you for being with us on this journey. We have loved preparing it for you.