Green Turnaround

Many companies are looking to grow sustainably in the market these days, and are either pushed by their customers, employees or own values to lighten their environmental footprint.

Overwhelmed by where to start? We have a simple system to audit 5 key areas of a business, and identify the easiest and best places to make some shifts in process to either make products and services more green, or even, a the company performance.


Eco-Investment Support

Through assessing a company and giving them a business robustness score, we identify where key weaknesses are to be filled. Typically, we have investors, funding programs, awards or even entrepreneurs themselves asking for this.

We do this by conducting our 8 point check to identify where a company might need support to secure their future success. Then we start a coaching and key process project, and then connect and activate our network to help them over the hurdle.


Research 2018-2020

In 2018 we kicked off a 3-year qualitative research of 100 companies who solve environmental, climate or social conditions. They have all, on average, received just over 1 million euros of investment each and I am documenting their challenges, as well as interviewing experts and experienced business people from other industries and business sectors to reflect on these challenges, offering advice from their experience.


Join Our Tribe

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